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Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right is a family-owned and operated business that proudly serves homeowners throughout the Nashville, TN area providing top-notch small appliance repair services. Our experienced staff have the skills and knowledge to handle both gas and electric-powered units and are able to cater to your repair needs for all major makes and models. Whether you’re in the market for a dishwasher repair specialist to fix a serious issue, such as a potential fire hazard, or you are more interested in routine maintenance to fend off the need for major appliance repairs in the foreseeable future, our crew has the know-how and the dedication to providing you with an individualized, high-quality service. For effective professional solutions from technicians with more than twenty-two years of direct industry experience and extensive training, get in touch with us today. We provide exclusive refrigerator repair services at a fair price.

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You are great experts in appliance repairs. Thank you for repairing my washer. You spent me money and time. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

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dishwasher repairOur complete customer service and care, short response time and attention we give our clients, is the cornerstone of our company, and the reason why we’ve established our business as a leader in the industry. Whether your appliance is eight months or eight years old, the qualified and experienced technicians at Nashville, TN can repair them when you are in need. We have the expertise and skills to perform repairs on refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, stoves, ranges, ovens, garbage disposals, microwaves as well as water heaters. Our appliance repair service is ready to help you. Whenever we are needed you can count on us!

When you experience trouble with your refrigerator do not start looking for a replacement unit right away. Instead, call in the refrigeration repair service provided by the professionals at Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right. We’ll take a thorough look at your refrigerator and get right to the source of the problem. With many years of experience in the appliance repair industry, we can offer complete refrigerator repair service of varying difficulties. Whether you need a simpler fix such as water valve replacement or a more complex evaporator coil adjustment, you can rely upon our talented team of experts to accurately inspect your unit and provide you with long-lasting results. Our professionals are equipped to work on a wide variety of brands and models. We can do it all! Our unparalleled workmanship can fix virtually any issue affecting household refrigerators

No matter how long and hard you scrub, hand washing will never get your plates and flatware as freshly clean as your dishwasher will. With the simple push of a button, those high temperatures and powerful jets blast away food remnants and germs, leaving your dinnerware spotless, sanitary and ready for your next meal. Unfortunately, even the most dependable dishwasher can occasionally experience some technical difficulties. If you notice that your unit fails to properly clean your dishes or if you identify any issues during operation, such as leaking, contact the team at Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right, the first chance you have. Our technicians have a rich and varied experience and are ready to perform outstanding dishwasher repair in your Nashville, TN -area home. If you’re looking for a professional small appliance repair service, you can rely on us!

washer repairIf a broken or malfunctioning washer is making it hard for you to enjoy fresh, clean laundry, we can help. Our team is prepared to take to heart customer appliance problems of all types and difficulty levels. When you contact our professionals you can rest assured knowing that your technician will show up on time. Once our team arrives at your home our professionals will start the inspection by discussing with you the symptoms you have identified as well as taking a brief history of the unit. We will then search and locate the origin of the problem by troubleshooting your washing machine and examining it for internal deterioration and damage. Once the reason for the malfunction has been pinpointed, we will decide on and implement appropriate washer repair. Although every repair project in Nashville, TN presents different challenges, you can be sure that we will treat every job with the same vital combination of comprehensive customer care and effective workmanship.

Dryers are quite complicated machines, and even the highest quality and dependable models can malfunction in a variety of ways due to misuse, age, etc. Therefore we offer the complete range of dryer repair services. That means regardless of how your dryer is misbehaving, our professionals will be there to fix the problem. We commonly resolve issues such as:

-Odd vibrations


-Not drying

-Tumbling issues

-Not starting

If your dryer is showing any other strange symptoms that seem to point to the need for dryer repair, please don’t hesitate to contact our appliance repair contractors. From mere thermostat replacements to complex drum issues, we are here to accommodate your needs. We serve the Nashville, TN area. Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right is known for having competitively priced services in Nashville, TN. We will work efficiently to quickly get your appliances in proper working condition so you can move on with your daily activities. Call us today at (615) 239-5079  and find out more about our low-cost rates.

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