Appliance Problems That Require Immediate Professional Assistance

Determine When and Why You Should Call for Professional Appliance Repair

From fridges and washing machines to microwave ovens and dishwashers, we rely on our home appliances more than we like to admit. Although they are designed to resist to all sorts of abuse and usage, there are cases when our appliances may fail on us. Some situations can be handled by homeowners themselves while others require professional appliance repair. It is imperative that you know how to make the difference between a mild problem and a serious issue.


reliable appliance repair serviceSome of the biggest, yet very common problems with refrigerators are compressor malfunctions. The compressor is your fridge’s most valuable component. This device is responsible for cooling and circulating the refrigerant inside your refrigerator. If the compressor develops problems, the fridge will stop cooling. If you notice that the food is getting warmer and ice starts melting, call a professional as soon as possible.

Washing Machines

There are a few common problems with washers that may require immediate assistance. If the drum is not spinning, then you may have a loose belt or a defective motor. You will need a professional appliance repair service provider to fix this problem. If water is not draining out from the machine, then you may have a clog in the drain pipes. Before you call for a specialist, make sure you check your washer’s filter. Clogged filters may lead to drainage problems.


The main components of a dryer are the heating elements. If one of these elements burns out (a very common problem), the machine will take longer to dry your clothes. The good news is that these elements can be easily replaced. You just have to call a professional appliance repair specialist to do it for you.


The main problem with dishwashers is a lack of pressure in the water system. If your dish washing machine doesn’t clean your dishes properly, it may be because there is a problems with the water pressure. Again, you need to call a professional to inspect your machine.

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