Don’t Have the Time or Money to Repair Your Dryer?

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What Are the Best Tips on Dryer Repair?

You can find several tips online for dryer repair, there are also books and magazines especially for repairing household appliances, plus performing regular maintenance. You can also see instructions on your appliance’s owner’s manual. But, it is advisable to always ask oneself if you are skilled enough to actually do this tasks, before starting any repair job. Should you be unsure, then contact an expert repair technician.

dryer repairThe first thing to do when thinking about repairing an appliance is to first check the basics. Tips on dryer repair are the same for any home appliances, the first one is to check to see if the appliance in question is actually plugged into the mains. Ensure the appliance has not thrown a breaker. Another tip is to check to see if you have shut the door correctly as you will feel pretty silly if you take apart your dryer or pay for an expert to look at it, only to find the door wasn’t closed correctly.

Should the door catch be broken or damaged and not stay closed, you can buy one for only a couple of dollars. Search for one that fits all models. Make sure to look at the size of the door catch to ensure the one you buy is correct. Remove the old one and simply snap in the new one.

Should your dryer not be working like it used to do or is take to longer to dry, check the lint screen – it could be blocked or clogged up. This may be clogging the area on the dryers vent. It is important to keep these clear, not only for performance but because trapped lint can create a fire if left unchecked.

Also, another crucial point is to ensure the dryer is far enough away from a wall and vent. If not, it could cause air flow issues that can stop your dryer from performing at peak level.

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How Does Your Refrigerator Work?

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What Makes the Refrigerator Repair Service a Job that Needs Specialists

If you have ever considered repairing your fridge on your own, you probably know that it is a complex system that requires the expertise of a refrigerator repair service provider. Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right is one such company, and here we are going to show you how your refrigerator works, and why do you need the help of a professional.

Most refrigerators use an ammonia cycle that is continuous and allows for constant temperature control. Let us check out how does this happen, assuming that your fridge uses an ammonia solution.

refrigerator repair services

1. There is a compressor in your refrigerator that compresses the ammonia gas. It heats up during that process

2. Next, the coils that are on the back of the refrigerator let the heated ammonia gas give off its heat. It in turn condenses into a liquid due to the high pressure.

3. When the ammonia is in liquid state, it flows through an expansion valve. This can be pictured as a small hole. On one of its sides, the ammonia liquid is contained in a high pressure area, while on the other we have a low pressure one.

4. Due to the change in pressure, ammonia instantaneously boils and vaporizes, having its temperature dropping to -27 F. This process makes the inside of your refrigerator cold.

5. The cold gas is sucked back by the compressor, and the cycle starts all over again. These are the basics of how a refrigerator works. Since dangerous substances are involved, we recommend hiring a qualified professional when you need a refrigerator repair service. If you are located in Nashville, TN, simply turn to us, and we will take care of any problem you may be experiencing.

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Appliance Problems That Require Immediate Professional Assistance

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Determine When and Why You Should Call for Professional Appliance Repair

From fridges and washing machines to microwave ovens and dishwashers, we rely on our home appliances more than we like to admit. Although they are designed to resist to all sorts of abuse and usage, there are cases when our appliances may fail on us. Some situations can be handled by homeowners themselves while others require professional appliance repair. It is imperative that you know how to make the difference between a mild problem and a serious issue.


reliable appliance repair serviceSome of the biggest, yet very common problems with refrigerators are compressor malfunctions. The compressor is your fridge’s most valuable component. This device is responsible for cooling and circulating the refrigerant inside your refrigerator. If the compressor develops problems, the fridge will stop cooling. If you notice that the food is getting warmer and ice starts melting, call a professional as soon as possible.

Washing Machines

There are a few common problems with washers that may require immediate assistance. If the drum is not spinning, then you may have a loose belt or a defective motor. You will need a professional appliance repair service provider to fix this problem. If water is not draining out from the machine, then you may have a clog in the drain pipes. Before you call for a specialist, make sure you check your washer’s filter. Clogged filters may lead to drainage problems.


The main components of a dryer are the heating elements. If one of these elements burns out (a very common problem), the machine will take longer to dry your clothes. The good news is that these elements can be easily replaced. You just have to call a professional appliance repair specialist to do it for you.


The main problem with dishwashers is a lack of pressure in the water system. If your dish washing machine doesn’t clean your dishes properly, it may be because there is a problems with the water pressure. Again, you need to call a professional to inspect your machine.

If you reside in Nashville, TN and are having problems with your appliances, contact Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right. We specialize in appliance installation, repair, and maintenance.

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