How Does Your Refrigerator Work?

What Makes the Refrigerator Repair Service a Job that Needs Specialists

If you have ever considered repairing your fridge on your own, you probably know that it is a complex system that requires the expertise of a refrigerator repair service provider. Repair Appliance Service Fix It Right is one such company, and here we are going to show you how your refrigerator works, and why do you need the help of a professional.

Most refrigerators use an ammonia cycle that is continuous and allows for constant temperature control. Let us check out how does this happen, assuming that your fridge uses an ammonia solution.

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1. There is a compressor in your refrigerator that compresses the ammonia gas. It heats up during that process

2. Next, the coils that are on the back of the refrigerator let the heated ammonia gas give off its heat. It in turn condenses into a liquid due to the high pressure.

3. When the ammonia is in liquid state, it flows through an expansion valve. This can be pictured as a small hole. On one of its sides, the ammonia liquid is contained in a high pressure area, while on the other we have a low pressure one.

4. Due to the change in pressure, ammonia instantaneously boils and vaporizes, having its temperature dropping to -27 F. This process makes the inside of your refrigerator cold.

5. The cold gas is sucked back by the compressor, and the cycle starts all over again. These are the basics of how a refrigerator works. Since dangerous substances are involved, we recommend hiring a qualified professional when you need a refrigerator repair service. If you are located in Nashville, TN, simply turn to us, and we will take care of any problem you may be experiencing.

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